Social Team Application

Join our Social Media Team and become a valuable member of our brand!

Our Social Media team is broken down by, you guessed it - social media platforms! Choose your favorite platform where you're most active to interact with our posts and receive a 25% discount in return.

Please fill out the form below and we will contact you by email if you are selected to join us this term.


- No purchase or photo requirements.

- Personal 25% discount code to use on your website purchases.

- Optional Referral Program where you can earn 5% cash back on friends' purchases in the form of shop credit.

- Private Facebook team group where you'll have access to special team sales and more (for Facebook Social Team Members).

- No private team messenger chats.


Facebook VIP Group Team:

When you see a post from me (Tiffany Whitehead) in the VIP group, give it a 4+ word comment! This BOOSTS our Facebook algorithm, pushing our posts out to our members for maximum visibility. Comments should be relative to the post you're commenting on. A minimum of 75 comments per month is required.

Instagram Team:

Must comment on our Dear Emma posts, as well as share our posts to your Instagram stories and/or create stories of your own tagging us. Weekly engagement is required. A minimum of 1 story share with tag is required.


 Facebook Business Page Team:

Must comment on and share our page's posts. A minimum of 3-5 comments is required per week. A minimum of 1 post share is required per week. 


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Terms will have no set end date, but please feel free to reach out to us by email at if you wish to resign your position.

Inactive team members or team members not meeting minimum requirements will be removed after two consecutive months without notice.

Team members are representatives of our company and Dear Emma LLC reserves the right to terminate positions without notice at our discretion.